12 Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories


Cell phones are one of the most important gadgets which most of the people possess. With the technological advancement, cell phones have become an important part of our daily lives. Whether it is staying in touch with family and friends or being connected on the go for professional work, a cell phone comes handy for meeting such purposes. With the widespread popularity and demand for cell phones, the cell phone accessories market has become very popular. These accessories enhance the aesthetics of the phone and also add value to its utility. The article provides some of the most common and must-have cell phone accessories.

Must-Have Accessories

Some of the must-have cell phone accessories are provided below:

Portable Charger

The battery capacity of the cell phones never seems to be enough. Most of the users have experienced situations where the battery runs out on them and they are left stranded. The portable charger or power bank comes in handy in these situations. The portable chargers also come with multiple charging slots and can charge more than one phone simultaneously.

Protective Case

The protective case is one accessory which should be bought by users. The cell phones are expensive gadgets and important also. The protective case protects them against accidental damages and keeps them safe. It also ensures better resale value of the phone by protecting it against scratches, dents, and other damages.

Screen Protectors

The screen of the phone is one of its most important parts. It is also costly to replace once damaged. The screen protector guards against accidental damages to the phone’s screen and is a must-have accessory for any smartphone user.

Selfie Sticks

Selfies are the current craze among the smartphone users. People like to take selfies of them and their friends for being socially connected. The selfie stick has become a popular phone accessory. It helps in taking better selfies and is used by many smartphone owners.

Arm Bands

The fitness apps have evolved over time and many smartphone users track their fitness statistics on their phones. Users can not part with their smartphones when working out for using these apps. The armbands prove handy for this purpose and allows the phone to be strapped on the arm while working out and for using the fitness apps.

Camera Lens Attachment

Smartphone users are very particular about the phone’s camera for taking quality pictures. Most smartphone have very good cameras these days. However, with the camera lens attachments, users can enhance the quality of their phone’s camera even more. These camera lens attachment helps users take high-quality pictures with their smartphones.

USB OTG Flash Drives

The USB OTG flash drives are popular phone accessories. They are more helpful for smartphones with lesser internal storage. These drives can be used to access heavy files on the phones which would have clogged the internal storage if stored in the phone.

Memory Card

The current day phone users use their phones for many other purposes than making calls and messaging. The modern smartphone has become a hub for digital entertainment. The users store their music, videos, pictures and other multimedia stuff in their phones. This consumes the internal phone storage and makes the phone slower. This can be resolved by purchasing external memory cards. These memory cards come in different sizes like 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB etc. Users can store their multimedia files on these memory cards which will free up internal storage also.


Cell phones are becoming the gadgets of choice for people to listening to music. Slowly they are replacing the portable music players. A good set of headphones will aid the users to enjoy music and experience good sound quality.

Car Mount

The car mounts help the user to stably fix the phone on the car near the vents or on the dashboard. It is particularly useful for people who use their phones to navigate while driving.

Car Chargers

Car chargers are an effective accessory for charging the phone while traveling. Due to the average smartphone user always being online and using the phone for taking photographs, listening to music etc. the phone’s battery drains out fast. Car chargers provide the solution to charging the smartphone while on the go.

Bluetooth Speakers

Some smartphones may lack powerful speakers for playing high-quality music for get together and parties. This is where the Bluetooth speakers come in handy. These portable speakers connect to the phone using Bluetooth technology and play good quality and loud music for different occasions.



The cell phone accessories greatly enhance its utility and value. Some accessories also make the phone looks more trendy and eye-catching. These accessories are a must-have for the users and can provide them value and also peace of mind against damage to their phones. The market for cell phone accessories is growing fast and these accessories are extremely popular among the phone users.

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