5 Types Of Cell Phone Cases And Covers For Protection


Many smartphones today come with a lot of in-built protection against accidents. There are even those which are waterproof. Some come with screens that are scratch-proof and hard to break. However, most of the cell phones that we buy are not so protected. Many of them won’t survive a good fall. It is necessary to get a case or cover to protect them

As most of us cannot survive without a phone today, we need to buy cell phone cases and covers to protect our phones. Let us see some types of covers that are available and their level of protection.

Rugged Cases

These cases and covers come with protection on all sides. There will be air pockets and reinforced corners. These cases normally have protection for your buttons and screens too. This means that they are going to be bulky. You may need to buy belt clips or holsters to keep them. The buttons and the touchscreen may require more pressure than normal. But this case will certainly give you good protection.


Tough Cases

These cell phones cases and covers will survive a drop. These covers will have a hard polycarbonate outside with a lining of soft material like silicone inside to absorb the shock. These cases will not be too bulky and will allow you to access everything on your phone with ease. Check whether there is a lip that protects your screen when you put the phone face down. You should also look for protection of your camera lens if they are projecting above the surface.


Sim Cases

While this case will allow you to show the beauty of your phone, the protection will be lesser than the other cases. This will also be less heavy when keeping the phone in your pocket. They will allow for some basic protection like the corners. Don’t count too much on that.


Folio Cases

These are good for style and protection. But these cell phone cases and covers may not offer much on drop protection. If you are going for this type of phone cover, then leather is the best. Some of these cases give protection to the corners.


Battery Cases

These are good for people who use their phones extensively and find their batteries draining fast. These cases have a slim battery inside that can charge your phones when there is no more juice left in them. On the negative side, these cases are bulky.


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