How to make a cell phone case?


Cell phones come in many sizes. Choosing a cell phone case to fit your phone is tricky. Today there are many mobile phones even more than people in the world, so there is a great chance for anyone in this growing market to build his own business.

How to make a cell phone case is a way to build this kind of business. It has many benefits. It’s easy to hold stock and ship due to its small size. It’s low cost to produce. Such cases can be sold online or in a physical store. However, there is massive competition in the market.

The best ways to make it

How to make a cell phone case has many ways nowadays, so, many people think of customizing it, as it is easy.

Make a hot glue phone case is a very common way of how to make a cell phone case: This includes taping a template to the back of you smartphone. Generally making it with hot glue is difficult, so people prefer to use patterns such as mandalas or swirls. You may trace the phone on a sheet of paper. Draw the needed pattern using a colorful or black marker. Make sure that the design touches the sides, cut the template over the outline and finally tape the template to the back of your device. You can also free-hand the pattern.

Wrap the phone like a present with a sheet of parchment paper. Cut a piece of parchment paper that is twice the size of it. Put your smartphone on top. Make sure that the screen is facing upwards. Put the paper on smartphone edges. Attach it with a piece of tape. Also, make sure you tape everything on the front of your smartphone.

Put a mark or the camera, buttons and sockets with a colored pencil or pen: This is done so you do not accidentally cover them with the hot glue. Also outline them, as well as the speaker, mike, and holes. Fill in the back, outline the front; remove the case and the parchment paper. Once the glue is hardened, peel it off. You can also paint it if needed; you can paint it with nail polish. Then let the polish dry. You may also use spray paint if you want it to be a solid color.

Another way of how to make a cell phone case is making a silicone one: You may put on plastic gloves to protect your work surface. Here you can cover the counter with parchment paper, plastic wrap or wax paper. Also, you can work on top of a glass sheet or marble counter. As silicone has a very strong odor, it is best to work in the ventilated areas. By the way, the silicone used here is not the same as the hot glue.

Pour some cornstarch and squeeze some clear silicone on it. Your measurements don’t have to be so precise, just use more cornstarch than silicone, however, if you can’t find cornstarch, you can use corn flour. It will be good to add some color to make it look interesting, otherwise, it will look white. You can use liquid watercolor or acrylic paint. Rub everything together until the silicone turns to the dough. Then roll the dough into a flat sheet using a rolling pin, a wine bottle or a glass.

Place the phone on top of the sheet and make sure the screen is facing upwards and that you have even amounts of dough sticking on every side. Wrap the dough on top of the phone and over the sides and use stamps to indent designs if needed. You can also use cardboard to create your own designs. Make sure to let the silicone dry before you remove it, how much time this needs, depends on the type of silicone used and also on the weather condition.

Do not forget to trim the extra silicone away from the front, and to cut out the indentations using a sharp blade. Sand the case, you may apply some raw silicone on top if desired, and smooth it out with a Popsicle stick or a paint spatula. Finally, paint the stamped areas with nail polish. Make sure to select a color that goes best with your smartphone case.

Homemade ideas

There are numerous ideas on how to make a cell phone case, and they are increasing every day. Some of the best are ice cream homemade case, polish glittered, using textile as an epic phone pouch. Just pick the right one and use colorful weaving. Choose the perfect lace color to cover your smartphone case.

Another trendy ways are painted clear case, washed tape case, colorful polka dot, re-purpose paper and sew epic phone pouch.

There are other methods on how to make a cell phone case, just choose the most comfortable one you can work with easily.


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