12 Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories


Cell phones are one of the most important gadgets which most of the people possess. With the technological advancement, cell phones have become an important part of our daily lives. Whether it is staying in touch with family and friends or being connected on the go for professional work, a cell phone comes handy for meeting such purposes. With the widespread popularity and demand for cell phones, the cell phone accessories market has become very popular. These accessories enhance the aesthetics of the phone and also add value to its utility. The article provides some of the most common and must-have cell phone accessories.

Must-Have Accessories

Some of the must-have cell phone accessories are provided below:

Portable Charger

The battery capacity of the cell phones never seems to be enough. Most of the users have experienced situations where the battery runs out on them and they are left stranded. The portable charger or power bank comes in handy in these situations. The portable chargers also come with multiple charging slots and can charge more than one phone simultaneously.

Protective Case

The protective case is one accessory which should be bought by users. The cell phones are expensive gadgets and important also. The protective case protects them against accidental damages and keeps them safe. It also ensures better resale value of the phone by protecting it against scratches, dents, and other damages.

Screen Protectors

The screen of the phone is one of its most important parts. It is also costly to replace once damaged. The screen protector guards against accidental damages to the phone’s screen and is a must-have accessory for any smartphone user.

Selfie Sticks

Selfies are the current craze among the smartphone users. People like to take selfies of them and their friends for being socially connected. The selfie stick has become a popular phone accessory. It helps in taking better selfies and is used by many smartphone owners.

Arm Bands

The fitness apps have evolved over time and many smartphone users track their fitness statistics on their phones. Users can not part with their smartphones when working out for using these apps. The armbands prove handy for this purpose and allows the phone to be strapped on the arm while working out and for using the fitness apps.

Camera Lens Attachment

Smartphone users are very particular about the phone’s camera for taking quality pictures. Most smartphone have very good cameras these days. However, with the camera lens attachments, users can enhance the quality of their phone’s camera even more. These camera lens attachment helps users take high-quality pictures with their smartphones.

USB OTG Flash Drives

The USB OTG flash drives are popular phone accessories. They are more helpful for smartphones with lesser internal storage. These drives can be used to access heavy files on the phones which would have clogged the internal storage if stored in the phone.

Memory Card

The current day phone users use their phones for many other purposes than making calls and messaging. The modern smartphone has become a hub for digital entertainment. The users store their music, videos, pictures and other multimedia stuff in their phones. This consumes the internal phone storage and makes the phone slower. This can be resolved by purchasing external memory cards. These memory cards come in different sizes like 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB etc. Users can store their multimedia files on these memory cards which will free up internal storage also.


Cell phones are becoming the gadgets of choice for people to listening to music. Slowly they are replacing the portable music players. A good set of headphones will aid the users to enjoy music and experience good sound quality.

Car Mount

The car mounts help the user to stably fix the phone on the car near the vents or on the dashboard. It is particularly useful for people who use their phones to navigate while driving.

Car Chargers

Car chargers are an effective accessory for charging the phone while traveling. Due to the average smartphone user always being online and using the phone for taking photographs, listening to music etc. the phone’s battery drains out fast. Car chargers provide the solution to charging the smartphone while on the go.

Bluetooth Speakers

Some smartphones may lack powerful speakers for playing high-quality music for get together and parties. This is where the Bluetooth speakers come in handy. These portable speakers connect to the phone using Bluetooth technology and play good quality and loud music for different occasions.



The cell phone accessories greatly enhance its utility and value. Some accessories also make the phone looks more trendy and eye-catching. These accessories are a must-have for the users and can provide them value and also peace of mind against damage to their phones. The market for cell phone accessories is growing fast and these accessories are extremely popular among the phone users.

How to make a cell phone case?


Cell phones come in many sizes. Choosing a cell phone case to fit your phone is tricky. Today there are many mobile phones even more than people in the world, so there is a great chance for anyone in this growing market to build his own business.

How to make a cell phone case is a way to build this kind of business. It has many benefits. It’s easy to hold stock and ship due to its small size. It’s low cost to produce. Such cases can be sold online or in a physical store. However, there is massive competition in the market.

The best ways to make it

How to make a cell phone case has many ways nowadays, so, many people think of customizing it, as it is easy.

Make a hot glue phone case is a very common way of how to make a cell phone case: This includes taping a template to the back of you smartphone. Generally making it with hot glue is difficult, so people prefer to use patterns such as mandalas or swirls. You may trace the phone on a sheet of paper. Draw the needed pattern using a colorful or black marker. Make sure that the design touches the sides, cut the template over the outline and finally tape the template to the back of your device. You can also free-hand the pattern.

Wrap the phone like a present with a sheet of parchment paper. Cut a piece of parchment paper that is twice the size of it. Put your smartphone on top. Make sure that the screen is facing upwards. Put the paper on smartphone edges. Attach it with a piece of tape. Also, make sure you tape everything on the front of your smartphone.

Put a mark or the camera, buttons and sockets with a colored pencil or pen: This is done so you do not accidentally cover them with the hot glue. Also outline them, as well as the speaker, mike, and holes. Fill in the back, outline the front; remove the case and the parchment paper. Once the glue is hardened, peel it off. You can also paint it if needed; you can paint it with nail polish. Then let the polish dry. You may also use spray paint if you want it to be a solid color.

Another way of how to make a cell phone case is making a silicone one: You may put on plastic gloves to protect your work surface. Here you can cover the counter with parchment paper, plastic wrap or wax paper. Also, you can work on top of a glass sheet or marble counter. As silicone has a very strong odor, it is best to work in the ventilated areas. By the way, the silicone used here is not the same as the hot glue.

Pour some cornstarch and squeeze some clear silicone on it. Your measurements don’t have to be so precise, just use more cornstarch than silicone, however, if you can’t find cornstarch, you can use corn flour. It will be good to add some color to make it look interesting, otherwise, it will look white. You can use liquid watercolor or acrylic paint. Rub everything together until the silicone turns to the dough. Then roll the dough into a flat sheet using a rolling pin, a wine bottle or a glass.

Place the phone on top of the sheet and make sure the screen is facing upwards and that you have even amounts of dough sticking on every side. Wrap the dough on top of the phone and over the sides and use stamps to indent designs if needed. You can also use cardboard to create your own designs. Make sure to let the silicone dry before you remove it, how much time this needs, depends on the type of silicone used and also on the weather condition.

Do not forget to trim the extra silicone away from the front, and to cut out the indentations using a sharp blade. Sand the case, you may apply some raw silicone on top if desired, and smooth it out with a Popsicle stick or a paint spatula. Finally, paint the stamped areas with nail polish. Make sure to select a color that goes best with your smartphone case.

Homemade ideas

There are numerous ideas on how to make a cell phone case, and they are increasing every day. Some of the best are ice cream homemade case, polish glittered, using textile as an epic phone pouch. Just pick the right one and use colorful weaving. Choose the perfect lace color to cover your smartphone case.

Another trendy ways are painted clear case, washed tape case, colorful polka dot, re-purpose paper and sew epic phone pouch.

There are other methods on how to make a cell phone case, just choose the most comfortable one you can work with easily.


How to choose the best phone accessories?

‘Phone’. You realize how important this one term of technology is, when you picturize this object when hearing that word. You use your phone for various things. It is used for looking up recipes for dinner, or booking tickets, or playing games and listening to music. It can even be as simple as looking up a synonym for ‘curious’. Whatever the reasons are, mobile phones people use for many different reasons and you know it. However, modern phones today rely on other things such as best phone accessories.

What are phone accessories and why do I need them?

Best phone accessories are add-ons to a particular device to make user experience much cleaner and crisp. There are tons of accessories to think of. Be it something simple, like one pair of earphones, to a fingerprint scanner, for verification purposes. There are many possibilities, we can say endless, with phone operating systems and software being updated every day. Now phones serve every purpose, from switching on air conditioner, to making secured payments around the world.

Now, what are the best phone accessories?

What factors to consider when buying?

This is actually one very serious question when considering buying an accessory of your choice. You will know why soon enough. People can often be confused when venturing into new world of tech, but we are here to give a simple guide on choosing the best phone accessories out there.

  • Be clear about what you want to buy.

The world of technology can be confusing sometimes. Even if you want to buy something simple, it is never as simple as it looks like. Let me give you a simple example.

You want to buy the new charger for your android phone. Seems simple isn’t it? Well, guess what. The ever growing and evolving world of technology did not even spare a simple thing like a charger as simple it could have been. There are so many various types of chargers, it is very important to see which one your phone can use. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your device.

In such cases or covers, the most advisable action is to consult the tech geek, store manager, or your brother. Then proceed to make a clear-cut decision.

  • Choose the best according to your needs.

Well, someone might already be exhausted from reading a last point, learning there is so much to adapt to in a world of technology. Wait, we are not done. You have learned about clearing your head and deciding what you want. However, then comes the hard part. Once you will venture into a world of technology, it will be easy to realize there is a whole lot of products out there.

Again, let me demonstrate this point with a clear example.

You want to buy earphones. Seems simple yet again, right? You will not believe how many types of earphones and brands there are. There are in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones. Then comes a connectivity part. Do you want a Bluetooth one? On the other hand, a simple wired one. Then comes the brands offering a variety of different sound outputs, each unique, excellent and different. Do you want one with low bass or high treble? It is all up to you.

  • Consult and research

This point is very simple actually. You just need to be aware. When buying the best phone accessories online, choose carefully. If you have made up your mind about a single product search for it online and know if it delivers as it promises.

Also, consider if it is worth a price, or you are just buying it for a brand value when you know there are other better options out there for the same price, or even less.

Best phone accessories may seem overpriced, but they really do provide a prolonged service, compared to other stuff. Some products may offer a more duration of warranty than the others may.

You might want to opt for a trusted retailer, if you are looking for buying over the Internet. Look for customer reviews, and photos, on internet shopping websites.

  • Beware!

Okay, this is not exactly a part of a guide, but just a very important tip that you must always consider. There are people sitting out there, to fool you, be it at a local shop, or over the internet. There are as many fake accessories out there, as there are original ones.

There are products being sold at a price much higher than it actually is of. Do not forget to check in with multiple retailers or sellers before buying.

In addition, do not fall for fake objects. They may look similar to one it is copied but it is not the same.



5 Types Of Cell Phone Cases And Covers For Protection


Many smartphones today come with a lot of in-built protection against accidents. There are even those which are waterproof. Some come with screens that are scratch-proof and hard to break. However, most of the cell phones that we buy are not so protected. Many of them won’t survive a good fall. It is necessary to get a case or cover to protect them

As most of us cannot survive without a phone today, we need to buy cell phone cases and covers to protect our phones. Let us see some types of covers that are available and their level of protection.

Rugged Cases

These cases and covers come with protection on all sides. There will be air pockets and reinforced corners. These cases normally have protection for your buttons and screens too. This means that they are going to be bulky. You may need to buy belt clips or holsters to keep them. The buttons and the touchscreen may require more pressure than normal. But this case will certainly give you good protection.


Tough Cases

These cell phones cases and covers will survive a drop. These covers will have a hard polycarbonate outside with a lining of soft material like silicone inside to absorb the shock. These cases will not be too bulky and will allow you to access everything on your phone with ease. Check whether there is a lip that protects your screen when you put the phone face down. You should also look for protection of your camera lens if they are projecting above the surface.


Sim Cases

While this case will allow you to show the beauty of your phone, the protection will be lesser than the other cases. This will also be less heavy when keeping the phone in your pocket. They will allow for some basic protection like the corners. Don’t count too much on that.


Folio Cases

These are good for style and protection. But these cell phone cases and covers may not offer much on drop protection. If you are going for this type of phone cover, then leather is the best. Some of these cases give protection to the corners.


Battery Cases

These are good for people who use their phones extensively and find their batteries draining fast. These cases have a slim battery inside that can charge your phones when there is no more juice left in them. On the negative side, these cases are bulky.


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Birds Vs Animals- An Educational Game For The First Time

Birds Vs Animals- An Educational Game For The First Time


After the huge success of Angry Bird, there has launched a new game known as “Birds Vs Animals”. This is entire unique game for all children’s as well as the young generation. This particular game has marked the success of its launch from the very first day. The best part of this game is not just one but it has many other features which can make up your mind to install and play the game for once at-least.

A great fun game for all ages. The idea developed for the game is different in a sense that it involves animals and birds which help you to makes you puzzle following the technique. One should have a focused mind and guts for playing the game. Looks easy but not too easy. In this game you have to choose between birds and animals on the spot.

The features of the game are very attractive that it that it is a very addictive and educational game, what you need to do is to guess the Animal as it has multi collections of animals and birds which you need to make a puzzele when choosing between animals and birds. It has good graphic and sounds, Easy to play and hard to score high. It is competitive and a challenged game for you all. Just Have a try.


Amazon In Pakistan

How To Buy On Amazon From Pakistan

Compared to the Pakistani market, international e-commerce players offer massive inventory. International players such as Alibaba have become famous in Pakistan but if you’re looking for authentic and branded products, you will not necessarily go there. The other alternatives are Amazon.com or eBay, but these giants don’t deliver to Pakistan. However, we will tell you how to buy on Amazon from Pakistan.

When you try to buy on amazon Pakistan online Shopping you will face 5 common problems:

  1. Your credit/debit card won’t work on Amazon.
  2. Amazon doesn’t ship the needed item to Pakistan.
  3. If they ship, the item will be shipped internationally without tracking information.
  4. You need to go to the shipping port and clear the item by yourself, or you will pay(extra cost!) for a clearing agent to clear it for you.
  5. You will not be able to know how much customs and taxes you will be charged, till the item is cleared from customs. At this point you, you will be surprised by the charged amount.

These problems are now solved. Two MBA students recently launched a start-up called Nazdeeq. This company allows you to shop on Amazon, pay in cash, and enjoy a hassle free delivery. Nazdeeq takes care of:

  1. International shipping: the product is shipped from Amazon US to your doorstep in Pakistan.
  2. Payment: if your card doesn’t work, or you don’t have a card – no problem! You can pay Nazdeeq either in cash or through bank transfer
  3. Customs: Nazdeeq deals with customs on your behalf. Most importantly, the website will tell you the final charges before you place the order. No hidden taxes, everything is told upfront.
  4. Shipment Tracking: Every bought product from Amazon on Nazdeeq can be tracked from the customer profile, under orders list.

Video: How To Buy On Amazon Pakistan - Nazdeeq Streed


Nazdeeq has unlocked the entire Amazon US inventory. The best part of Nazdeeq is that it is integrated with Amazon.com so you actually shop on Amazon itself. On the check out page, you get a detailed quotation of all costs in PKR. The final quotation also includes shipping and taxes so there are no hidden costs involved.

Nazdeeq promises to deliver items in 10 – 14 business days (for items that are sourced from Amazon inventory; items being sourced from sellers outside of US will take longer). Nazdeeq also shares smart shopping tips on Amazon.

You can check them out on Facebook here, contact them on [email protected] or call: 0320-0555569 to learn more.

Get Your Very Own 2017 S8 Ringtones

Get Your Very Own 2017 S8 Ringtones

Image result for Get Your Very Own 2017 S8 Ringtones

The Samsung S8 is an Android phone which has plenty of ringtones but things happen such as when you get rid of using those old generic ringtones of old times which you hear every time your phone rings. Samsung has developed something very new which includes lots of new ringtones which you can set up on your S8.

Ringtones are a fun way to customize your phone and show off your style, and i am sure some style conscious people may want to make a style statement in-front of others while getting notified of an incoming or or a test message with a quality ringtone which plays on their new Samsung S8.  People often use custom ringtones instead of the presets that come with their phone. And there’s a ton of ringtones out there from your own computer or the Web in numerous ways. Do not miss out on some of the easiest ways you can get free ringtones for your S8 Plus.

The plus point for using these ringtone for S8 is that Your phone features a MicroSD memory card slot, that means that you can download and save as many free ringtones on your S8 and can use them when you need to change your ringtone.

To provide you with an amazing variety of latest ringtones based on any of your favorite song, verse etc, we have got a huge list of ringtones available at our drop-down menu at our website. We will make sure to serve you with best and unique results the time you feel like to avail this interesting opportunity.

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Catch Up With The Free Samsung Ringtones

Catch Up With The Free Samsung Ringtones

Designing ringtones may not be a very difficult task then those which people like us who love ringtones and are interested in changing them with time. Some people were so much involved into those iconic ringtones which made them change their cell phone ringtones whenever they want to, but the repetition of those default ringtones made people to switch their minds where they could get something new and trendy and could help them set their ringtone according to their mood.

Samsung, one of those company which has provided users with fabulous choices for the past years, but now users are exhausted with those already established tones, the demand for free ringtones has increased but to find ringtones which wont cost them anything was a big mess for them. For this reason, i have come up with a solution for you and your cell phone where you can set up anything you like as a ringtone or a text tone as a Samsung ringtone.

This platform has added numerous  ringtones for their users, where you can download free Samsung ringtones for your cell phone. This is one of the easiest and reliable way to get hold of those amazing free ringtones anytime and anywhere.


Download Free Funny Ringtones of 2017

Download Free Funny Ringtones of 2017

Ringtones are that sound which you can use as your ringer on a mobile phone, though these tones come with different style and music. Usually they are used as a fashion statement and even if you don't consider your tone a profound personal statement, you might still crave a sound that sets your phone apart from the crowd.

Everyone with a cell phone nowadays has a different kind of ringtone, whether it is a basic one that is already on the phone or if it is one that was downloaded. There are many different music ringtones and also funny ringtones that you can get for your phone for free. The best thing while you use such type of ringtone is that when people hear your funny ringtones it may even make them laugh and it will also show that you are obviously a person with a good sense of humor.

No matter what you like there is bound to be a ringtone for you, and this can also show a little bit of your personality every time your phone rings. Cell phones are extremely common today and it seems almost everybody has one, and a large percentage of people with cell phones also have special ringtones.

Free Arabic Ringtones For Your Cell Phone

Free Arabic Ringtones For Your Cell Phone

Getting back to the old time when music was considered the most soothing and unique as it came along with different style and genres. The most listened music of that time was the Arabic music, still many people are fond of Arabic music and they want themselves to get introduced with ringtones which has Arabic sounds in it.

As mobile phones become more and more advanced, it seems that the various ringtones and message alerts are increasing day by day.It is very hard to find Arabic ringtones while searching them on internet, because up till now no such website has an option for user to download Arabic ringtones for free, but if you go deep and look around you definitely will find our website.

Keeping in mind the mindset of our audiences we have added the best ringtones so far which has been designed with unique sounds so that your you can download these ringtones for free and use them to customize your cell phone in a unique way.

Now its time for you to customize your handset with the latest and best Arabic ringtones and use them one as your personalized ringtone.