Best ever free Android ringtones application to turn your phone fun

Best ever free Android ringtones application to turn your phone fun


Ringtones have been a very exciting and important feature for all of us who keeps a mobile phone and this gains much interest when you get bored hearing those common ringtones already placed in your cell phone. The word ringtones is commonly heard when someone is using an Android phone and he/she is keen to make it more exciting and fun.

The first thing that you will hear from them would definitely be a ringtone, as these are those sounds which your cell phone plays when it rings during a phone call or a text message. To add your favorite song tone as a custom ringtone may not be a bad idea and when you get them free of cost.

To help you download the top ever sounds i came up with a best ringtones application for Android which is available on play store referred with a name as “Mobiles Ringtones”. The app is produced by Watermelon tech co-related with its website, the app is updated with a version 1.23 on January 18th, 2017 with current installation around 500,000-1,000,000 on Android.

The best part of this application is its special tagging feature which you can use to seek for your desired free ringtone.Whether the goal is to change your Android ringtone to match your personality or to unearth a gaggle of new sounds and ringtones to assign a unique tone for each of your favorite contacts … you definitely need this app!  Since not all apps are created equal, we tried and tested the top apps, those that are currently trending.




How to download the best new iPhone ringtones

How to download the best new iPhone ringtones

Apple is one of the leading electronic brands and the popular among is its iPhone. Though iPhone has been around in the market for quite a long time,yet they come up with those old ringtones like before and some people find it difficult to download a ringtone and on the other side they are tired of those particular iPhone ringtones.

Keeping in mind the requirement of such people which wont ask anything in return to get hold of their favorite tunes. The best ever new iPhone ringtones have been made and uploaded on our ringtones website which have been designed for you so that you can easily get out of the trouble and make your phone look more customized and the ringtone can be downloaded in no time.

Though the process to download customized ringtone in an iPhone is a bit tricky if you will download one from iTunes. The easiest way to download the best  new iPhone ringtone is simple if you will look through our website where you can download ringtones for free. Our website is designed in a way where you can search for a particular ringtone looking through a category and can see how many downloads have been done for that tone which will initially be dependent on the users choice looking at the number of downloads and can even listen to music before downloading it.

Now you have the ability to to personalize you iPhone with new iPhone ringtones by adding your own ringtones, text tones and other alert tones. Choose the soundtrack you want to use as your ringtone, specify the type of your alert. Download our latest ringtones  now and get cool popular mobile ringtones.


New and popular platforms to download ringtones

New and popular platforms to download ringtones 

Ringtones have been a very popular sign or statement for an individual to get hold of his/her favorite song and they get to listen to it on daily basis while they receive a call by applying that particular tune as their cell phone ringtone. This act is popular among everyone, using any cell phone brand.

The use of ringtones has increased within the last past years, now people require ringtones on daily basis. Some use them as a fashion statement and other use just to make their cell phone identity visible. For both of the mentioned reasons, we have introduced new ringtones for our valued customers so that you can have access to the new world of outstanding tunes and use them as your customized ringtone for your phone.

Our website has it all based on a user requirements, and the ringtones are categorized in such a way that is easily accessible and downloaded in just a few clicks. Mostly people download iPhone ringtones, Samsung ringtones, Nokia ringtones and Apple ringtones because they usually get bored with those particular default ringtones already established in their cell phones and they require something new and trendy, for them we have got a thousands of ringtones based on new songs which wont let them get bored in any case.

So for all them who are least interested in downloading ringtones, this will surely be a great experience towards a joyful life.

Top, Best And Free Ringtones For Apple

Top, Best And Popular Ringtones For Apple

Ringtones are that sound which makes it obvious and easy for one  to find out whose phone is ringing when placed a bit away from you. We see that now-a-days everybody loves to personalize their cell phones with custom ringtones, and when things come for iPhone . Well it’s  a fact that Apple  doesn’t make it obvious about  how to do so – it’s not as simple as assigning one of your songs as your iPhone ringtone.

Apple is a known brand for what they provide their users, with every latest feature required in a cell phone, but on the other hand iPhone is less on the option to download a free ringtone and allot them as your personal ringtone. Usually people get bored with those old and casual ringtones already provided in the iPhone, they often require a a place through which they are able to whip up their own custom ringtones in a jiffy without having to pay for an additional ringtone. They often need something outside of what’s built right into iPhone.

There might be some people who always dream to set some crazy ringtones for their iPhone to meet the latest trends, while some may aim to set funny iPhone ringtones to make other laugh immediately. Well there might be some who tend to use those built in ringtones from ages.

Keeping in mind for  people who change their ringtones frequently ringtones website took birth and those people  who use that kinda websites to get free and best  ringtones for Apple. No one in the globe show much interest to pay bucks to get ringtones right? So everyone think to download and get free ringtones for their iPhone and use them as their Apple ringtones.

Release of Rangoon And Its Ringtones Are Going Popular

Release of Rangoon And Its Ringtones Are Going Popular

The most awaited Indian cinema movie “Rangoon”  produced by the National award winning Vishal Bhardwaj’s casting the talented and fantastic actors Shahid Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut is released all over the world. The film is set in the 1940s  amidst the turmoil of India’s independence struggle and will feature some epic historic references. 

People waited for this film watching its trailer, and now its finally released with amazing reviews throughout the first day. Three of the actors gave their best shooting for the film. Shahid Kapoor verbally marked his words  in-front of media. He said

‘I am very happy with what we have achieved during the shooting of ‘Rangoon’. This film is closest to my heart and I want to make sure this is seen as my best work,”

“Rangoon” came up with what they have promised as the hard work of the team is completely seen in the movie. Where as the film is being appreciated in the world so is its ringtones, which are in demand before the film is was released.

Hearing the reviews from people, one of them made a statement that

“Rangoon s fresh, riveting and brilliantly shot movie. It is truly International film. A perfect proceeding for Shahid and Saif VB combo.”

Seeing the confidence and excitement in the team of ‘Rangoon’, looks like we have much to expect in early 2017,” he added.

How To Download Best Ringtones For Samsung

How To Download Best Ringtones For Samsung

With the release of new iconic cell phone models of Samsung, the role and demand of ringtones has also gone to an increase. Using them old and same ringtones have made their life a bit dull, so they often require new mp3 ringtone just to make sure that they wont get bored listening to the already used and old tunes.

A ringtone is basically that particular voice or tone, which is played when you receive a voice call or a text, and when you use those old ringtones which you have been using for the last past decades make it quite difficult to recognize your ringtone in a crowded place, so now you may need the new Samsung ringtones provided by different online websites.

Getting the best ringtones for your Samsung may be a difficult task if you go for paid content, but not every website requirements are the same. However,  If you happened to find a website that has quickly become your favorite source of ringtones for a Motorola or Nokia cell phone, you can likely use the same site to get your hands on some killer Samsung ringtones as well.

So realistically, finding the best Samsung ringtones is no different than finding it for virtually any other brand of phone. Let your personality come shining through with a nearly endless bestow of ringtones for a Samsung cell phone. You don’t want to feel restricted to the ringtones that were pre-installed on your mobile phone, do you? Go ahead, express yourself.


What does Your Nokia Ringtone Reveal

What does Your Nokia Ringtone Reveal

Nokia being one of the top and recognized brand of cell phone was all of sudden vanished from the Phone market, since the revolution of other companies revolving around them providing with better opportunities to people like advanced feature, great shape and better ringtones. Regardless of these circumstances Nokia always stayed in minds of people who used Nokia before any other company.

The best and a plus point for this solely brand has always been the Nokia ringtones they provided for their users, it catered all the aspects of music in just one sound which was played when someone receives a call or a text message. These Nokia ringtones secretly described a person’s taste and interest.

The demand for Nokia tunes increased at a time when Nokia stopped releasing any other ringtone, except the previous ones already running into the market. People used to pay to get a specified ringtone which costed them a huge amount .With the advancement in ringtone industry, their are now many free websites which provide you with different sort of Nokia ringtones compatible to your handset whether you are using a  Nokia or any other brands Phone. You can still enjoy with your favorite Nokia Ringtone.

As Nokia tend to make a step further again into the cell Phone market with the release of its old but new cell phone model, we are awaiting our customers to serve with new and latest Ringtones for Nokia which can be downloaded for free from our website.

How To Get Unlimited Ringtones For iPhone

How To Get Unlimited Ringtones For iPhone

Keeping a cell phone these days seems like a fashion statement for all, but things get classy when it comes to one and only Apple iPhone which is one of the top leading and demanded brand in the market, because of it design and astonish features. Some people usually keep an iPhone just to show off, while others might use it for a decent cause.

When iPhone was first introduced in market people went crazy for the ringtones already provided in their phone, but later the same people were furious that they could only use the pre-installed iPhone ringtones,the use of same ringtones was getting worse for users because when their iPhone vibrates, It might not be the classiest ringtone, but it beats the mind-numbing uniformity of Apple’s built-in iconic ringtones — indistinguishable from every other iPhone on the planet.

Now with the advancement in the problem is completely solved. Now iPhone users can have the latest ringtones and set them as their new iPhone ringtone. Those who are least interested in changing their tone into a profound personal statement, they might in future crave for a sound that sets their iPhone apart from others.

Getting free ringtones doesn’t hurt anyone, Does it ? So don’t waste time in those old and boring ringtones and get unlimited ringtones without any payments.


New Bollywood Ringtones for iPhone

New Bollywood Ringtones for iPhone

The ringtone industry has grown to an extent with the release of new Bollywood ringtones, As people who are huge fans of Bollywood music started downloading these new ringtones to their cell phones. Later this act was considered to be the main priority of an individual.

Different genres of music is acknowledged by different people all around the world, dependent on their mood and interest. No doubt, that these ringtone are the most downloaded stuff running in all the corners of the world. One would think that downloading ringtone in this era would be a difficult task, but thanks to the websites who provide them free of cost.

While the most common category of ringtone is Apple still then some people might opt to play it safe with some of Apple’s default selections but i have kept too close of an eye on the state of the free Apple ringtones world for quite some time. Although you can buy iPhone ringtones, but mostly iTunes store simply doesn’t have the ringtone you so desperately want and then you are left with no other option to get that ringtone from a free website.



How To Get Your Hands On Apple And Nokia Ringtones

How To Get Your Hands On Apple And Nokia Ringtones

It is a known fact that ringtones are used by every persona, living in any corner of the world, usually people run out of their ringtones and they want something totally different from the previous ones, so they have to have that source from where they can fulfill their requirements.

Apple is one of the leading phone brands into the market and Apple ringtones are very famous as apple user gets ample amount ringtones already present in their handset, but people want to discover ways to get hold of more ringtones as they usually get bored of the previous ones, While when things come over Nokia ringtones, we all know that Nokia previously was shuttled down and no new Nokia cell phones came into the market.

This news on one side was great for other cell phone companies, on the other hand this solely news was worse for Nokia users, some people changed their phone brand, while some still looked for Nokia ringtones, some ringtones websites made them to pay for a single ringtone, while others did not had an option for Nokia tones.

If you hook up looking for free ringtones providing sites you will see that some websites are present which are available only to provide best results for ringtones allotting to every category of cell phones and even Nokia ringtones and these are totally free. You can download any type of ringtone according to your interest.