Amazon In Pakistan

How To Buy On Amazon From Pakistan

Compared to the Pakistani market, international e-commerce players offer massive inventory. International players such as Alibaba have become famous in Pakistan but if you’re looking for authentic and branded products, you will not necessarily go there. The other alternatives are or eBay, but these giants don’t deliver to Pakistan. However, we will tell you how to buy on Amazon from Pakistan.

When you try to buy on amazon Pakistan online Shopping you will face 5 common problems:

  1. Your credit/debit card won’t work on Amazon.
  2. Amazon doesn’t ship the needed item to Pakistan.
  3. If they ship, the item will be shipped internationally without tracking information.
  4. You need to go to the shipping port and clear the item by yourself, or you will pay(extra cost!) for a clearing agent to clear it for you.
  5. You will not be able to know how much customs and taxes you will be charged, till the item is cleared from customs. At this point you, you will be surprised by the charged amount.

These problems are now solved. Two MBA students recently launched a start-up called Nazdeeq. This company allows you to shop on Amazon, pay in cash, and enjoy a hassle free delivery. Nazdeeq takes care of:

  1. International shipping: the product is shipped from Amazon US to your doorstep in Pakistan.
  2. Payment: if your card doesn’t work, or you don’t have a card – no problem! You can pay Nazdeeq either in cash or through bank transfer
  3. Customs: Nazdeeq deals with customs on your behalf. Most importantly, the website will tell you the final charges before you place the order. No hidden taxes, everything is told upfront.
  4. Shipment Tracking: Every bought product from Amazon on Nazdeeq can be tracked from the customer profile, under orders list.

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Nazdeeq has unlocked the entire Amazon US inventory. The best part of Nazdeeq is that it is integrated with so you actually shop on Amazon itself. On the check out page, you get a detailed quotation of all costs in PKR. The final quotation also includes shipping and taxes so there are no hidden costs involved.

Nazdeeq promises to deliver items in 10 – 14 business days (for items that are sourced from Amazon inventory; items being sourced from sellers outside of US will take longer). Nazdeeq also shares smart shopping tips on Amazon.

You can check them out on Facebook here, contact them on [email protected] or call: 0320-0555569 to learn more.

Release of Rangoon And Its Ringtones Are Going Popular

Release of Rangoon And Its Ringtones Are Going Popular

The most awaited Indian cinema movie “Rangoon”  produced by the National award winning Vishal Bhardwaj’s casting the talented and fantastic actors Shahid Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut is released all over the world. The film is set in the 1940s  amidst the turmoil of India’s independence struggle and will feature some epic historic references. 

People waited for this film watching its trailer, and now its finally released with amazing reviews throughout the first day. Three of the actors gave their best shooting for the film. Shahid Kapoor verbally marked his words  in-front of media. He said

‘I am very happy with what we have achieved during the shooting of ‘Rangoon’. This film is closest to my heart and I want to make sure this is seen as my best work,”

“Rangoon” came up with what they have promised as the hard work of the team is completely seen in the movie. Where as the film is being appreciated in the world so is its ringtones, which are in demand before the film is was released.

Hearing the reviews from people, one of them made a statement that

“Rangoon s fresh, riveting and brilliantly shot movie. It is truly International film. A perfect proceeding for Shahid and Saif VB combo.”

Seeing the confidence and excitement in the team of ‘Rangoon’, looks like we have much to expect in early 2017,” he added.

iPhone 8 Ringtones On Your Way

iPhone 8 Ringtones On Your Way

Apple being an American Multinational company, which is extremely famous for its designs and online services. Apple came up with many gadgets, whether its for cell phones, computers or Apple iconic watch going hand in hand with their entire set of applications, profound  camera results and amazing collection of ringtones.

Apple has introduced many generations of iPhone, starting with the iPhone 3 and ended with the release of iPhone 7 plus, which is quite famous among all the brands. Getting positive reviews for 7 plus, the company has finally decided to launch with a major release of iPhone 8 on September 2017, as promised, the company never fails to amaze its user, providing them with best features.

Providing a look over the Apple ringtones, we all are aware of the fact that they have always got some good content which yields a user to make a choice, but what if the iPhone user gets a chance to get hold of free ringtone downloads which will definitely mark up-to the user's choice to make his iPhone look more personalized and different from others.

The release of iPhone 8, will make a possible factor for free ringtones sharing platforms to provide its users with best results. What you need to do is listen and download ringtone according to your liking and set that particular one as your personal ringtone, just to give you iPhone a individualize look.


Jolly LLB 2 To Release With Some Major Changes

Jolly LLB 2 To Release With Some Major Changes

Akshay Kumar, an actor who plays his role with versatility and has gained fame for his drama, romance, action and comic role. Jolly LLB was a a comedy drama played by the well known Akshay Kumar, in which he played the role of an lawyer whose main focus was to earn six innocent wage earners their rights and his journey against the monopolistic behavior of the rich and judicial corruption. The film was later awarded as the best feature film in India.

Though India and Pakistan share some clashes, but Indian cinema is acknowledged at very high level In Pakistan. Jolly LLB 2, another comedy courtroom drama movie starring Akshay kumar and Huma Qureshi which is appreciated for its comedy, songs and latest ringtones , is released in Pakistan today 10th February by the end of the cold war going between the two countries. Akshay Kumar has been promoting his film for a long time, Kumar tweeted through his personal twitter account, which included;

"We have worked very hard for this film, as i will be playing a lawyer for the very first time, So do watch the real comedy coming at your way on 10TH February."

As  Pakistani distributors presented a command for the for some major changes in the film and the  the directors of Jolly LLB 2, were ordered to cut some scenes as it involved negative portrayal of Muslims in Kashmir in the legal drama, Meanwhile after the deletion of scenes  the country’s Central Board of Film Certification chairman of Pakistan Mobashir Hasan is quoted as saying,

“The film has been approved for public screening after recommending several excisions. Now it is up to the distributors, whether they want to release it or not. It has been cleared by the censor board.”

The film has officially stared screening in some cities of Pakistan, the rest will start in short time period. However, chances are the film will finally go ahead with the release in other cities despite being heavily truncated.

Kaabil Movie Released In Pakistan Beside The Self Imposed Ban

Kaabil Movie Released In Pakistan Beside The Self Imposed Ban



Kaabil, an indian cinema movie produced by the well known Rakesh Roshan, which released with a major clash at box office with "Raees". The two hits of the Indian box office, were released at the same time In India. Both the films were starring with two lead actors Hrithik Roshan for "kaabil", and Shahrukh Khan for  "Raees". Both the actors are known for their devoting performance and talent.

Raees  achieved yet another milestone after its second weekend in spite of the reducing margin between its box office collection and that of Sanjay Gupta's revenge drama Kaabil, which did not went with the expectations, over which leading actor made a statement ;

"We have got a lot of love and support from Pakistan, If Kaabil will release in Pakistani cinema, I am sure we would have hit the lights."

Indian movies are appreciated in Pakistan for their interesting story, songs and even ringtones, so according to me their was no harm for Pakistan to stop screening of Indian films. Even Pakistan shared a big loss for not promoting Indian movies, as a result Pakistani government ha now finally allowed the screening of Kaabil, on which Rakesh Roshan humbly tweeted.

" I am pleased to announce that Kaabil will now officially release in Pakistan, we definitely wont let down our audience."

However, Kaabil is the first Indian movie shown in Pakistan, yet again after the ban was lifted on 3rd February, which turned as a tremendous response for the film in Pakistan and is expected to continue the trajectory on Friday when it releases in the rest of Pakistan. Raees will release a week later, this will give Kaabil quite an edge over Raees in its box office collection in Pakistan.


Raees movie and its release in Pakistan

Raees movie and its release in Pakistan

Shahrukh khan's popularity makes him a person who doesn't need an introduction.  The mega start was recently in hot water because of his latest release, "Raees". The movie hosted a female actor from across the border for which the whole production house and the rest of the actors were targeted.

The people of India and Pakistan shares almost same culture and language so the audience for such movies are very high. Same goes with their music and even ringtones.  The movie was later released after a long negotiation which went under way at different places. The lead star was targeted for bringing in 'Mahira khan' and he along with other co-actors went through list of troubles for working with a fellow Pakistani actor and a citizen of a country who's border lines are in news for serious violations, According to Indian media.

However the film did launched in India and made the haters think again because of the revenues this production has able to achieve in the first 2 weeks of the release.  Khan said in a statement.

"If this movie has been released in time, We would have made much more out of it."

Whereas Mahira khan was seen promoting the film and its poster on twitter and other social sharing networks. But unfortunately she was not allowed by the Indian government to travel to India for the promotion of the film due to security reasons. Mr.Khan said in a media press release

"We are surely missing the lead lady of our film but things have to go on and we have to market this film to Schools and Universities."

The movie is yet to be release in Pakistan though the internet followers must have downloaded the film from various web sites. The official launch of the film in Pakistani cinemas in expected to be happening this month. The first show will be hosted and Bahria town, Islamabad sector Cinema house. And it is expected to be a full house.

What Your Ringtone Says About Your Personality

What Your Ringtone Says About Your Personality


Ringtones are commonly known as sounds of a cell phone, which rings when an incoming call or message arrives on a phone. On the grounds that mobile phones are drastically greater sophisticated than landline telephones, ringtones can be customized according to the owner's personal taste.

One of the great things about a cell phone is how far you customize it, which means the way you select your mp3 ringtone. There are many websites which are committed to present all types of ringtones.

Most of the websites provide with the option of creating your own ringtone based on any kind of track or sound, Where there are some websites who did not even bother to change their ringtone collection.

Many people, have embarrassed themselves through having a noisy, loud ringtone burst off. Possibly it turned into during an office meeting  or other public places, So as not to repeat the same mistake you can easily download ringtones from a free ringtones providing websites as your ringtones do tell a lot about your personality.






Downloadable Ringtones – The Latest Trend

Downloadable Ringtones - The Latest Trend

What comes in mind when you think about the word Ringtones? Nothing, except that cell phones are capable of downloading new ringtones are the "must have" phenomena today!

One of the fastest growing trend today is none other than the mp3 ringtones, especially the free ringtones download. There are other downloadable items available on the internet too like Java Games, Various wallpapers and screen savers are very in thing but the top feature these days is free ringtones.

The cell phone and the the ringtones have become status symbol. Ringtones somehow show that a person is up to date and happening.You can even watch that what ringtone best suits your personality. You can now truly display your lifestyle and certainly your musical taste on your sleeve.

Ringtones market has developed within no time and has progressed a lot since the first Nokia ringtone was viral. Originally, you purchased a cell phone and only had a choice of monophonic ringtone, now as you will see their are a number of ringtones and you can get the best ringtone out of it as per your choice.

So there you have it, it seems like in today's wireless world and with cutting edge technology, quite a bit. Gone are the days when single bell had to ring on your cell phone and made it difficult for one person to stock that whose phone is ringing. Today the choices are endless so shop around to grab your latest ringtone.




Best Ringtones sharing platform 2017

Best Ringtones sharing platform 2017

Ringtones are in style for a very long time. The first ringtone that went in style and viral was Nokia 3310 default ringtone, but then series of latest brands came into the market and gain immense popularity. Brands like Iphone, Stormed the market with high sales nonetheless there ringtones too went very fashionable.

There are varied platforms that have emerged during this year and within the previous year which are focusing on free ringtones. Therefore we believe to  that the demand for these mp3 ringtone is extremely high.

We did some analysis and gathered data concerning ringtones and the way some websites are creating it distinctive. What we tend to found was mobilesringtones.Com ,  a website we believe is that the solely website which is providing its user's with such a spread of free ringtone downloads displayed in their content. No alternative ringtones sharing web site have ever sorted ringtones the approach this web site have.

The most popular area of this web site is their main categories including iPhone, Nokia and Samsung ringtones then their subs and channels. Channels are counted because the most original a part of the web site. It permits its user to make channel just like video sharing websites. This ringtones sharing portal enable its user to transfer and download ringtones and legitimize them with their channel account.

Furthermore, by simply a click you'll hear the music of a ringtone before downloading it, and may check what variety of client's have as of currently downloaded or appraised the ringtone.

This site gives two sorts of record configurations MP3 and M4R, whereas the second option is exceptionally for iPhone ringtones. Keeping in mind the final goal to spare ringtones straightforwardly you can introduce their default application.

Why Mp3 Music Ringtones Are Popular.

Why Mp3 Music Ringtones Are Popular.

With the recent expansion of mobile phone technology, ringtones, internet downloading, and alternative quick l ways of data transfer, there has been a growing interest in the way to acquire free ringtones. There are numerous reasons that why people have an interest in music ringtones, and therefore the ability to get them without paying is certainly going to be attractive for cell phone users.

Almost every cell phone brand now provide an option to change your ringtone from the default ringtones thus provided with the phone already. A common type of ringtone chosen by people, significantly younger generation of cell phone users, is the music mp3 ringtone.

It is easy to understand that people who are huge fan of mp3 ringtones would initially be interested in finding mp3  ringtones free download rather then spending 3-4 dollars per ringtone, that is why mp3 music ringtones are popular among people.

With the growing demand for these ringtones, numerous websites have popped up for people to get these ringtones for free, as younger cell phone users, who dont have as much income as older ones can enjoy with the vast collection of latest ringtones and new ringtones totally for free.

Additionally, when you are browsing one of the websites to download ringtones, try to make sure that whatever cell phone you are using is compatible with the specified ringtone file.