5 Types Of Cell Phone Cases And Covers For Protection


Many smartphones today come with a lot of in-built protection against accidents. There are even those which are waterproof. Some come with screens that are scratch-proof and hard to break. However, most of the cell phones that we buy are not so protected. Many of them won’t survive a good fall. It is necessary to get a case or cover to protect them

As most of us cannot survive without a phone today, we need to buy cell phone cases and covers to protect our phones. Let us see some types of covers that are available and their level of protection.

Rugged Cases

These cases and covers come with protection on all sides. There will be air pockets and reinforced corners. These cases normally have protection for your buttons and screens too. This means that they are going to be bulky. You may need to buy belt clips or holsters to keep them. The buttons and the touchscreen may require more pressure than normal. But this case will certainly give you good protection.


Tough Cases

These cell phones cases and covers will survive a drop. These covers will have a hard polycarbonate outside with a lining of soft material like silicone inside to absorb the shock. These cases will not be too bulky and will allow you to access everything on your phone with ease. Check whether there is a lip that protects your screen when you put the phone face down. You should also look for protection of your camera lens if they are projecting above the surface.


Sim Cases

While this case will allow you to show the beauty of your phone, the protection will be lesser than the other cases. This will also be less heavy when keeping the phone in your pocket. They will allow for some basic protection like the corners. Don’t count too much on that.


Folio Cases

These are good for style and protection. But these cell phone cases and covers may not offer much on drop protection. If you are going for this type of phone cover, then leather is the best. Some of these cases give protection to the corners.


Battery Cases

These are good for people who use their phones extensively and find their batteries draining fast. These cases have a slim battery inside that can charge your phones when there is no more juice left in them. On the negative side, these cases are bulky.


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Free application to download popular Android Ringtones

Free application to download popular Android Ringtones

Ringtones have been in as long as mobile phones were, or we can say that they were in market long before the cell phones have arrived though they still remain the top most priority for those people who want to make their phone customized and set them according to their personal liking and interest. If this sounds like you then to find the best ringtone app is certainly not a hard work. Luckily we found an app for free ringtones which you should check out to save your time finding an app for yourself.

To download custom ringtones were not that popular before as they are now because it's easier to find them. Surprisingly, the market for Android ringtone apps to find ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones isn’t as vibrant as one would believe. A trustworthy app like "Mobiles Ringtones" which is easily available on Play store which gives access to download as much ringtone you need to make your device look more customized.

This app is developed by Watermelon Tech and is running with a current version 1.23 and has downloads over 1000,000+ on Android smartphones. This is the only app which has special tagging features to locate your desired ringtone, the app is also co-related with its website https://www.mobilesringtones.com.

If you like cool ringtones and you would like to have personalized ringtones for Android; this is the right ringtones app for you. In this app you will find mobile sounds that can be used as ringtones for cell phones, message tones and alarm sounds. Customize your phone with latest ringtones with this app your will definitely find the best sounds placed in different categories; download popular ringtones free today and enjoy the most popular ringtones app!


The leading and popular free ringtones application for Android

The leading and popular free ringtones application for Android

What makes your cell phone different and coolest among other ? Obviously the features which come along with phones such as wallpapers,themes and most importantly ringtones which certainly reveal about the owner's personality depending upon the ringtones being used by them. Well, we’re not here to talk about personalization, but are here to talk about apps that let you personalize ringtones on your smartphone

However, the use of ringtones is now very common all over the world and people are now finding ways to download them for free. Though, with the advancement in technology many ringtones applications have emerged but not every app is reasonable. While going for a test using all ringtones apps i have come up with the best app known as "Mobiles Ringtones" that is providing access for users to their world of free ringtones for Android.

A well designed and organized app by Watermelon Tech with over 1,000,000+ downloads on Android cell phones, the app is related to their online website https://www.mobilesringtones.com/ with a upgrade version 1.23 on 18th January, 2017

You might find it quite hard to download your required ringtone but the tagging feature of this application has now solved your problem, you can now easily find a ringtone of your choice. Now whether the choice is to go for these amazing ringtones or whether to use those old sticky ringtones of your cell phone. This app is easily available at "Play Store" at your end giving you the opportunity to make your phone look impressive.


Top 3 shopping websites in Pakistan

Top 3 shopping websites in Pakistan

After the rapid acceleration in online shopping in the country, lot of new websites have emerged with in the last 2 years. And honestly its difficult to figure out the #1 website for shopping. We did some research on such website and came up with the best most used,  top 5 websites that allow online shopping in Pakistan. With the introduction of 3G/4G internet on cellular networks. More and more user have the access to visit these websites. With E-Commerce developing in Pakistan, Online shopping definitely have a brighter future if not a bright present.

We acknowledge that there are over dozen websites in Pakistan providing online shopping to its users. However we will only be focusing on what we believe to be the top 5, Most used and popular online shopping websites. We will highlight their qualities and weakness.


The website deals with all Amazon products. Its one of a kind and unique for Pakistanis. Amazon is currently not available in the country. So Nazdeeq seems to have good space to work around with. Nazdeeq allows you to shop through Amazon and Pay Cash. You’ll receive your goods in about 10-14 business days from the time of payment. The platform is designed and functioning in such a way,  Where user can easily sneak into any products details and their categories with out much hassle. The navigation of the website is as good as Amazon. A beautiful long search bar at the home page allows its users to search any particular product and its details. To order a product simply login or signup using their forms. Once logged in fill your cart with products and hit check-out. Just like any other popular online shopping website.


Daraz.pk is an other online shopping website. Running on the model of Amazon. Its uniqueness is that it brings together top  brands from the fashion high streets of Pakistan and local designer/retailers. This allows customers to choose from its wide variety and compare prices at the same time. Its a one stop shop for almost all products. Daraz.pk aims at selling designer brands to its valued customers.



Kaymu.pk is another cool shopping website  in Pakistan. A large variety of products are bought and sold through Kaymu.  They offer big promotions including hot deals and discounts which are not available anywhere else in the market. For the convenience of its users, it offers a range of facilities including a number of payment options of which Cash on Delivery is the most popular. However, this site also allows individual users to sell their products on its site as well while other like

Thank you for reading our post. Leave your feedback in the comment section. Tell us which website you like or use the most and how was your experience with it.

Best ever free Android ringtones application to turn your phone fun

Best ever free Android ringtones application to turn your phone fun


Ringtones have been a very exciting and important feature for all of us who keeps a mobile phone and this gains much interest when you get bored hearing those common ringtones already placed in your cell phone. The word ringtones is commonly heard when someone is using an Android phone and he/she is keen to make it more exciting and fun.

The first thing that you will hear from them would definitely be a ringtone, as these are those sounds which your cell phone plays when it rings during a phone call or a text message. To add your favorite song tone as a custom ringtone may not be a bad idea and when you get them free of cost.

To help you download the top ever sounds i came up with a best ringtones application for Android which is available on play store referred with a name as “Mobiles Ringtones”. The app is produced by Watermelon tech co-related with its website http://www.mobilesringtones.com, the app is updated with a version 1.23 on January 18th, 2017 with current installation around 500,000-1,000,000 on Android.

The best part of this application is its special tagging feature which you can use to seek for your desired free ringtone.Whether the goal is to change your Android ringtone to match your personality or to unearth a gaggle of new sounds and ringtones to assign a unique tone for each of your favorite contacts … you definitely need this app!  Since not all apps are created equal, we tried and tested the top apps, those that are currently trending.






Free and Fast Video Downloader for Android

KeepVid Android  

This application is one of the most reliable and used app for downloading videos through Android device. They have over 10 years of experience in dealing with multimedia files and are trusted by 100 Million users across the globe. This Application allows it user's to use the following features.


Free Video Download

By using this application user can download their choice of video from Youtube in just few clicks. The application allow Android user's to download video directly on their devices

Download Music

Music is very popular in almost all part of the globe. People from different culture, backgrounds tend to download MP3 music files through various sources. However it has never been this easy to download a 320-kbps quality file from YouTube to Mp3. Thankfully Keepvid allows its user to download music in quick session.

Batch Download

Most of the time people face the problem regarding video downloading, they find it hard to find a platform from which they can easily download videos which they want to, like not every website allows you to download videos easily but now by using a multi-tasking feature inside the video downloader for Android, you can download multiple videos just the once.

Fast Download

What else can someone wish for when they can acquire to download Youtube videos on their Android. This is only possible with KeepVid which allows user to download videos with fast downloading speed.

Download HD Video

Usually not every application supports the requirement of HD videos, but now you can easily download HD videos for Android that eventually supports 2K,4K,HD.and UHD video files

Built-in Web Browser

This application consists of a video site, which is present within the Android video down-loader , if someone wishes to download videos directly they can look for that on video site.

Search Video Directly

As far as the process of videos downloading is corncerned, people can now simply search for the video they want and can directly download YouTube videos on their phones.

Amazing Design

The design is the most important and attractive feature of any application. Though, this KeepVid is running with an amazing design which is meshed with a massive interface.

Free Download Videos on Android

  • An easy and fast way to download videos on your Android device.
  •  YouTube, Facebook and other popular video sharing sites are fully supported with this.
  •  KeepVid Android enables you to search and download videos you want without opening any other app.
  •  Save your time and download multiple videos concurrently and fiercely.
  • Download 1080p, 2K, 4K, HD and UHD, HD YouTube videos without compromising the video quality.

Download YouTube to MP3 on Android  





  • High-quality MP3 YouTube videos can be downloaded directly
  • Grab your favorite music without compromising on the audio quality.
  • You can listen to your favorite music on your Android device without opening other media player app.

iPhone 7 Default Ringtones Websites

iPhone 7 Default Ringtones Websites

Apple  is an American multinational innovation organization headquartered in Cupertino, California, that plans, creates, and offers customer gadgets, PC programming, and online administrations. Its equipment items incorporate the iPhone, the iPad tablet computer,, the Mac PC, the iPod versatile media player, the Apple Watch smartwatch, and the Apple TV computerized media player. Apple's software includes  the MacOS and iOS working frameworks, the iTunes media player, the Safari web program, and the iLife and iWork creativity and profitability suites. Its online administrations incorporate the iTunes Store, the iOS App Store and Mac App Store, Apple Music, and iCloud.

Apple was established by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976 to create and offer individual computers. It was joined as Apple Computer, Inc. in January 1977, and was renamed as Apple Inc. in January 2007 to mirror its moved concentration toward purchaser hardware. Apple  joined the Dow Jones Industrial Average in March 2015.

iPhone is a line of cell phones composed and showcased by Apple Inc. They run Apple's iOS versatile working system.The first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007; the latest iPhone model is the iPhone 7, which was revealed at an exceptional occasion on September 7, 2016. Apple has released ten generations of iPhone models, each accompanied by one of the ten major releases of the IOS operating system.

Apple has launched numerous number of ringtones specifically for every iPhone model including the IOS range for that particular phone. Apple has once launched their ‘marimba’ ringtone which now has been completely delted and banned from iPhone default ringtones. But now apple on tuesday has finally launched  the GM, or Golden Master, seed of iOS 7 to developers, and with it continued their tradition of overhauling the default ringtones collection with each successive iOS version. Additionally, the updated seed brought the first wide release of the new ringtones and alert sounds the company demonstrated at their iPhone 5s and 5c introduction earlier in the day.

There are plenty  of iPhone 7 Default ringtone released that you will jump at the chance to have in your iPhone. There are bunches of the ringtones that are made in the wake of understanding the client needs. On the off chance that you jump at the chance to have some original content then you can likewise get iPhone 7 ringtone unique from mobilesringtones.com.

On the off chance that you like some remix content then you can likewise get iPhone 7 Ringtone remix which is extremely energized one, from mobilesringtones.com and  you will get something other than what's expected.

Top websites to download iPhone and Apple ringtones

Top  websites to download iPhone and apple ringtones.

Generally iPhone and apple clients are extremely bored and worn out by the customary and ordinary ringtone iPhone and Apple ringtones. What's more, uniquely they appears to have an issue with their ringtone in public places, while listening to it, it gets hard to judge phone's identity's ringing. Aside from this, people may experience other annoying circumstances. So with a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from all these hard minutes, We presents 5 best sites where client can undoubtedly download free and most recent Apple and iPhone ringtones. Also, just a short time later you can set those ringtones as one of your one of a kind Apple or iPhone Ringtones.


This is another extremely interesting website to download iPhone and Apple Ringtones. This site provides  a user with substantial variety  of ringtones to their users, from which the user can choose, whatever is suitable for him, Furthermore, by just a click you can listen to the music of a ringtone before downloading it, and can check what number of client's have as of now downloaded or appraised the ringtone. This site gives two sorts of record configurations MP3 and M4R, whereas the second option is exceptionally there for iPhone clients. Keeping in mind the final goal to spare ringtones straightforwardly you can introduce their default application. This site is sorting ringtones in a standout among the most proficient way. They have categories, sub classifications and channel. Channels ls.are the things which isolate them from the rest. They permit transferring of ringtones and in the meantime you can adapt and procure from your ringtones.


1-Download Ringtone in mp3 and m4r.

2-Share ringtone on social stages.

3-Utilize install code to play ringtone on some other stage.

4-Join and transfer ringtone.

5-Remark on ringtones and rate them by like or dislike.

This website furnishes such a large number of ringtones with superb sound. Client can download mp3 or m4r simply like mobilesringtones.com, it permits both organization and extraordinarily m4r for iPhone. Ringtones could be sorted by various categories, just like different sites it doesn't permit to specifically download ringtones to your Apple gadget or iPhone. It provides categories from where a user can look up for his desired ringtone.


1-Ringtones can be downloaded in two formats mp3 and m4r.

2-Ringtones can be shared on social platforms.

3-Embedded code is needed to play ringtones on other sites.

  1. 4- Register and transfer ringtones.


  1. 3- zedge.net         

This sites holds a lot of components that includes  ,wallpapers ,ringtones and subjects. In their ringtones section, you will discover such a variety of cool ringtones. Which any Apple or iPhone client can set against their handset. You can undoubtedly seek huge amounts of ringtones under assortment of classifications, i-e classical, rock, alternative, sound impacts and proceeds onward. To download  these ringtones. Zedge gives you three ways.

1-Download straight to your PC

2-Send them in email

3-Entering  a QR code

In nutshell it is an exceptionally cool site to get free ringtones for your Apple and iPhone gadgets.

4- mob.org       

This is likewise one of the top sites to download ringtones without paying anything consequently. The special part of this website is that you can look ringtones from changed a rundown of classifications. Also, you can download your main tuned ringtone effectively in few clicks, just like zedge you can download a ringtones by scanning a QR code. They just not provide you with ringtones but wallpapers, games, themes etc to personalize your handset.



Top 3 Samsung Ringtones Websites

Top 3 Samsung Ringtones Websites

Generally Samsung clients keep running with the issue of sites to download ringtones, as they regularly get the chance to see one of a similar sort of ringtones in every model of their cell phone. Generally there are  number of  most widely recognized and utilized ringtones in Samsung which by one means or another irritate individuals as each Samsung client have a tendency to have that one Samsung ringtone.Now people need to change and redesign the level of ringtones. There are colossal number of sites to download ringtones however not each site give you the best and least demanding results. Here we have acquainted the main 3 sites with download ringtones, where a Samsung client can download the same number of ringtones as he needs to,and set that specific ringtone as their main ringtone.


   This is an extremely fascinating and one of a kind website to download Samsung ringtone. This website gives ample variety pf ringtones to their client from which they can pick and listen to the music of the specific ringtone before downloading it, and can check what number of clients have as of now downloaded and reviewed the ringtone. This website gives two sort of document arrangements mp3 and mp4  the second option is exceptionally there for Samsung clients.Keeping in mind the end goal to spare ringtones straightforwardly you can introduce their default application. This site is sorting ringtones in a standout among the most proficient way.They have categories,sub classifications and channels. Channels are the things which isolate them from the rest. They permit transferring of ringtones and in the meantime you can adapt and acquire from your ringtones.

To download ringtone  in mp3 and mp4 format:

1-Share ringtone on social stages

2-Use insert code to play ringtone on whatever other stage

3-Sign up and transfer ringtone

4-Likes and dislikes can be notified by comments.

5-Make ringtones and earn


This is additionally one of the top sites to download ringtones without paying anything consequently. The remarkable piece of this site is that you can seek ringtones from various sort of artists and genres. Furthermore, you can download your main ringtone effortlessly in few ticks. You can without much of a stretch download ringtones by examining a QR code. This site not just holds ringtones. Their are giving games,wallpapers,themes and numerous applications to you to customize your cell phone


This site holds a considerable measure of components that includes wallpapers,ringtones and subjects. You will locate a stunning gathering of ringtones in their ringtone section. you will get such cool and decent ringtones, which any Samsung client can download for their cell phone. There are variety of classifications accessible, i.e classical,rock,alternative,sound effects and continues ahead. Zedge provide you with three easy steps to download ringtones:

Download straight to your PC

1-Send them in email

2-Scanning a QR code

3-In nutshell its an exceptionally cool site to get free ringtones for your Samsung gadget.




Top 3 Nokia Ringtones Websites

Top 3 Nokia Ringtones Websites

Usually Nokia users run with the problem of websites to download ringtones, as they often get to see one of the same kind of ringtones in every handset, e.g. the famous Nokia tune which is perhaps the most common and used ringtones in around the world, which somehow annoy people as every Nokia user tend to have that one Nokia ringtone.Now people want to change and upgrade the level of ringtones. There are enormous number of websites to download ringtones but not every website provide you with the best and easiest results. Here we have introduced the top 3 websites to download ringtones, where a Nokia user can download as many ringtones as he wants to,and set that particular ringtone as their Nokia ringtone.

The top, Best and great websites to download free Nokia Ringtones

This website holds a lot of features that include wallpapers,ringtones and subjects. You will find an amazing collection of ringtones in their ringtone section. you are going to get such cool and decent ringtones, which any Nokia user can download for their handset. There are variety of categories available i-e classical,rock,alternative,sound impacts and proceeds onward. To download these ringtones Zedge provide you with three ways:
Download straight to your computer
1-Send them in email
2-Scanning a QR code
3-In nutshell its a very cool website to get free ringtones for your Apple & iPhone devices.

This is another very interesting and unique website to download Nokia ringtones. Like the above mentioned websites, this website also gives a wide range of ringtones to their user from which they can choose. You can listen to the music of the ringtone before downloading it, and can check how many user’s have already downloaded or rated the ringtone. This website gives two types of file formats MP3 and MP4the second file type is specially there for Nokia users. In-order to save ringtones directly you can install their default application. This website is sorting ringtones in one of the most efficient way. They have categories,sub categories and channels. Channels are the things which separate them from the rest. They allow uploading of ringtones and at the same time you can monetize and earn from your ringtones.

Download ringtone in mp3 and m4r
1-Share ringtone on social platforms
2-Use embed code to play ringtone on any other platform
3-Sign up and upload ringtone
4-Comment on ringtones and rate them by like or dislike
5-Make channel and earn.


This is also one of the top websites to download ringtones with out paying anything in return. The unique part of this website is that you can search ringtones from different a list of genres and artists. And you can download your favorite songs ringtone easily in few clicks. Just like zedge you can easily download ringtones by scanning a QR code. This website not only holds ringtones. Their are providing games,wallpapers,themes and many apps for you to personalize your mobile phone