Justin Bieber Sues A Mobile Ringtone Company

Justin Bieber Sues A Mobile Ringtone Company

Recently a news went viral on almost all the popular social networks regarding a lawsuit taken against a Ringtones company by Mr. Bieber’s attorney. The story so far has not being verified by both the ringtone company and Justin’s Spokes Person.  However the speculation still continues because of a tweet carried out by one of the companies official twitter account.

The tweet stunned everyone including Justin, as the company was not target by him and no legal notices have been sent.  While asking the representatives of the company few harsh words were exchange on the legality of the music ringtones that are being displayed on the website as their property.

The company claims to have a strong policy that cater all free ringtones served on their site. The company disagrees with all the false statement of holding anyone’s content with out their prior consensus.

According to the international practices against ringtones clearly puts the ringtones company out of the trouble. cause all the content is reproduced by the ringtones maker are the soul property to that person or company. However under some circumstances some ringtones are dealt with DMCA’s and some are locally negotiated by the ringtones publisher.

The ringtones company now plans to file a counter case and thinks to hire a known Law-firm to take up a lawsuit against Bieber and his company though the companies decision would open up a flood of new copyright cases. This has been claimed that the company owned the composition of Justin’s music because of the reproduction policy.

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