Raees movie and its release in Pakistan

Raees movie and its release in Pakistan

Shahrukh khan’s popularity makes him a person who doesn’t need an introduction.  The mega start was recently in hot water because of his latest release, “Raees”. The movie hosted a female actor from across the border for which the whole production house and the rest of the actors were targeted.

The people of India and Pakistan shares almost same culture and language so the audience for such movies are very high. Same goes with their music and even ringtones.  The movie was later released after a long negotiation which went under way at different places. The lead star was targeted for bringing in ‘Mahira khan’ and he along with other co-actors went through list of troubles for working with a fellow Pakistani actor and a citizen of a country who’s border lines are in news for serious violations, According to Indian media.

However the film did launched in India and made the haters think again because of the revenues this production has able to achieve in the first 2 weeks of the release.  Khan said in a statement.

“If this movie has been released in time, We would have made much more out of it.”

Whereas Mahira khan was seen promoting the film and its poster on twitter and other social sharing networks. But unfortunately she was not allowed by the Indian government to travel to India for the promotion of the film due to security reasons. Mr.Khan said in a media press release

“We are surely missing the lead lady of our film but things have to go on and we have to market this film to Schools and Universities.”

The movie is yet to be release in Pakistan though the internet followers must have downloaded the film from various web sites. The official launch of the film in Pakistani cinemas in expected to be happening this month. The first show will be hosted and Bahria town, Islamabad sector Cinema house. And it is expected to be a full house.

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