Tie-Up With Your iPhone Ringtone

Tie-Up With Your iPhone Ringtone

Its quite often said, ” To vibrate or to Ring, that is a question ”                     – Shakespeare.

To get  ringtones free download looks like a reasonably solid choice of all the time, and even assigning it as my prime ringtone appeared like a pretty good idea.

I got to know about this feature when suddenly a phone started vibrating , and i was not sure that whether its time for me to pick up my phone or not, as it wasn’t in my pocket, and i couldn’t  feel the vibration.

Since then i started to think it might be the time to change my ringtone from vibrating  to something more appealing. I was not updated by anyone that there are tons of ringtones available at online sites, but i started to think whether i actually need to get a free ringtone, as it was really tough for me to recognize my iPhone, when it wasn’t with me, where i would feel it when vibrating, just to make sure that who is calling me.

Its not that i was compelled to download one, i think its a reflection of who i am, as ringtones are an extension of who we are or what we want to tell the world.

The major question here is, That if  there is a ringtone on your iPhone, or are you strictly a fan of leaving your device on vibrate? Do you see your ringtone as an extension of your personality, or just a random sample of notes?





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