Are Ringtones The ‘New Black’ Or Maybe We Just Want It

Are Ringtones The ‘New Black’ Or Maybe We Just Want It

Ringtone everywhere, lately i have seen many people, even my young friends looking and spending notable time and money downloading ringtone on their brand new cell phones’s.

The question that arrive to me was that, why a ringtone that cost some price or even more than the cost of buying a download of a particular song? After all, you only get one-tenth of the song.

By the time when i got to know the actual reason why people download these mp3 ringtones, maybe we are likely to make sure that our cell phone’s does not sound the same as 70’s phone’s and should be in our immediate locality, so as it rings i can answer it, even when in crowd. As, you cant always recognize your ringtone i a rowdy place .

The problem thus arises with me, where there are many identical phones present with a limited set of ringtones which are not at all pleasing, over which we need to decide that which one is ringing.

Ringtone according to me are the “New Black” as it lets everyone to feel cool and show off a bit. So, this is a major reason which shove me to get free ringtone downloads.






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