how to set ringtone in iphone

how to set ringtone in iphone


Usually iPhone users are pretty tired and bored with their default ringtones. And at times it becomes very awkward for them to handle the situation. In public places similar sounds always makes everyone take their phone in hands and guessing who's phone was ringing. I thought to search and recommend few sites to my audience but when I googled it, I came across that not only these website are large in number, Plenty of them are full of malware and other suspicious activity. However after hours of search I came across these two beautiful platforms. They are not only safe they are legal platforms to download latest, best and most popular ringtones for any device. They have m4r format especially there to cater iPhone users.

But before going into knowing about how to set ringtone in iPhone lets first bring some interesting facts on table. Do you guys know the keyword iPhone ringtones is searched from 100k to 1 million in one month. See the below image

Not only this after the successful launch of iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and 6s. People went crazy for this brand and the monthly searches for iPhone 6 alone is estimated as 10 million. See the below image

So its pretty obvious that after the huge success of these models. The searches and demand for their ringtones also went high. So many websites have emerged with in the past few years, trying to cater iPhone user with plenty of latest, most downloaded and shared ringtones from iPhone library.

And recently iPhone launched their latest model iPhone 7. This model went popular in almost every part of the globe. Internet is full of stories on how people grabbed their first iPhone 7. All the hue and cry was high even before the launch of this model. The searches against this model went upto 10 million to 100 million. Yet the demand for this models ringtones were high in numbers see the below reference image.

Well the above details are about one brand and their various models. Ringtones have been very popular in the mobile market from the early 2000s however Apple and Nokia are the two most popular mobile phone companies. who have walked an extra mile and have taken marketing advantages from their ringtones. Nokia went popular with their phones and  ringtones in the early age of mobile phones whereas iPhone become popular in the year 2008 and on-wards.

Below we have shared a lot of useful information on how you can easily set ringtone in your iPhone.  Everything is explained in step by step process.


  1. Simply open the website or open
  2. Search your choice of file or choose from the listed ringtones.
  3. Once you are at the ringtone page. Listen to it and download its M4r version
  4. Save the M4r file in your computer and connect your iPhone through cable
  5. Send ringtones to your ITunes through cable.

Things You Will Need

  • You will require a data cable of your iPhone.
  • You must have a working ITunes account.
  • Convert files into M4r through converter or download direct M4r files


  • Find websites that already have M4r format and save time on converting.
  • Make sure the website you download the file from is legal and spam free.
  • Usually virus and other malware things are attached to the file. So scan it once sending it your phone.

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The best audio, video converter and video downloader

The best audio, video converter and video downloader

Internet is full of websites that provides tools and software’s to convert audios and videos, however at the same time certain things are for sure that these websites are full of pop-ups, malware, and other spamming affiliation. This mean that whatever information stored in as cookies in your computer or mobile phone is dangerous. You are simply exposing yourself to hacker by this means. (I browsed few illegal audio and video converter and downloading websites for research).

And I unfortunately came across ONLY one website that I can recommend my users.

Freemake is a software brand by Ellora Assets Corporation. And they have the following tools.

Freemake Audio Converter

The program is used to convert across different audio formats, merge audio files, and extract audio from video files. Freemake Audio Converter 1.0.0 does not support CD burning

Freemake Audio Converter accepts over 40 audio file formats such as MP3, WMA etc and can convert audio to MP3, WMA, etc. It also allows its user to convert audio files into M4A and M4R files for iPad, iPhone,

Freemake Music Box

It is a freeware program designed to stream free music to users without the need to create an account or set up a subscription. Users can input a query in the search box and the application displayes search results which are divided into songs, albums, and artists.

All displayed music tracks are played in sequence with built-in audio player. There are options to loop, pause, stop, and fast forward tracks in the player. The program has the ability to play the music video related to the current song.

It also allows to import local playlists from other media players like Winamp, Windows Media Player, AIMP, VLC media player, etc

Freemake Video Converter

1. User can chose from Multi-languages
2. It is completely compatible with Windows XP
3. Many different types of formats are supported
4. Format profiles can be tweaked
5. You can easily convert your videos for your mobile phone
6. You are also allowed to convert some parts of the videos.
7. You can choose to only extract the sound of your video into MP3, WMA, MP2, AAc

Freemake Video Downloader

The program is designed to download embedded videos in FLV, MP4, etc, or from one of these popular website, which includes sites YouTube, Facebook, Vevo, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Veoh and Metacafe. The software gives a list of all video qualities available for downloading.

Free New Years Ringtones

This year has been quite a year, from a bloodshed in Syria till the appointment of the new United States president Donald Trump. Although this year also had some great moments, which you will hold with yourself and will cherish them for years to come.

For me this year was very dramatic and beautiful at the same time. So  while remembering this year i thought to brought some of the best ringtones for new year 2017. New years ringtones are always very sweet. Sounds of jingles and other free new year music ringtones makes me happy at least. 🙂

Below we have shared the best and the top,free new years ringtones

  1. happy new years theme

2.Happy New Year 2017 Christmas

3.New Year Sms

We hope you have enjoyed these free new year ringtones. keep visiting our website for more ringtones.

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2. You can simply create a new post at your website about ringtones, use our EMBED codes for ringtones to be displayed in your post.And we will send traffic to those posts.


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Top 5 websites to download Apple and iphone ringtones

Top 5 websites to download Apple and iphone ringtones

Mostly iPhone & Apple users are very exhausted by the default iPhone and Apple ringtones. And specially they seems to have a problem with their ringtone in public places, while hearing it, it becomes difficult to judge who's phone is ringing. Apart from this, People may encounter other irritating situations. So in-order to avoid all these hard moments, We introduces 5 best websites where user can easily download free and latest Apple and iPhone ringtones. And only afterwards you can set those ringtones as one of your unique Apple or iPhone Ringtones.


5 Great,top & Best Websites to Download Free Apple and iPhone Ringtones


This websites holds a large amount of features that includes wallpapers,ringtones and themes. In their ringtones section, you will find so many cool ringtones. Which any Apple or iPhone user can set against their desired device. You can easily search tons of ringtones under variety of categories, i-e classical,rock,alternative,sound effects and moves on. To download these ringtones Zedge provides you with three ways.

  1. Download straight to your computer
  2. Send them in email
  3. Scanning a QR code

In nutshell its a very cool website to get free ringtones for your Apple & iPhone devices.


This is another very interesting and unique website to download iPhone and Apple ringtones. Like the above mentioned websites, this website also gives a wide range of ringtones to their user from which they can choose. You can listen to the music of the ringtone before downloading it, and can check how many user's have already downloaded or rated the ringtone. This website gives two types of file formats MP3 and M4R the second file type is specially there for iPhone users. In-order to save ringtones directly you can install their default application.  This website is sorting ringtones in one of the most efficient way. They have categories,sub categories and channels. Channels are the things which separate them from the rest. They allow uploading of ringtones and at the same time you can monetize and earn from your ringtones.


  1. Download ringtone in mp3 and m4r
  2. Share ringtone on social platforms
  3. Use embed code to play ringtone on any other platform
  4. Sign up and upload ringtone
  5. Comment on ringtones and rate them by like or dislike
  6. Make channel and earn.




This is also one of the top websites to download ringtones with out paying anything in return. The unique part of this website is that you can search ringtones from different a list of genres and artists. And you can download your favorite songs ringtone easily in few clicks. Just like zedge you can easily download ringtones by scanning a QR code. This website not only holds ringtones. Their are providing games,wallpapers,themes and many apps for you to personalize your mobile phone


On this website, you can easily listen to the most popular ringtones and download them in your computer safely. You can easily rate the ringtone after listening to it. If there is ringtone you feel to share, you can easily do it social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Or you could email it to a friend. Though downloading of ringtone directly to your Apple or iPhone device is not possible.


This great website provides so many ringtones with high quality audio. User can choose to download mp3 or m4r just like it allows both format and specially m4r for iPhone. Ringtones could be sorted by different categories.just like other websites it doesn't allow to directly download ringtones to your Apple device or iPhone.


We have tried our best to pull the most used,most popular and best platforms for your to download,share,listen free ringtones,latest ringtones in all types of formats. This article ranking is based on 2016 rankings. We hope you have liked our post. Kindly leave your feedback in the comment section.

Top 6 Websites To Download Free MP3 Ringtones

Everyone is moving towards the multi-tech and online age of internet. How we see, each and every day a person either buys a new mobile phone or losses one.

And living out there in this world with out music ringones multimedia phones seems like a simple mobile phone. We show many of our customers and friends the wesbites where they can download ringtones.for their mobile phones and other multimedia products. upon looking at those website i found that they are really difficult to handle. To download a certain file you first have to cross so many hurdles.  Ringtones are very small in size so to list them in a proper way is very important and crucial for any ringtone provider.

So, we decided to draw a list of top 6 awesome websites to download free MP3 ringtones. I hope this list will some how less your difficulty in downloading free ringtones for your multimedia phone.

 Top 6 Websites To Download Free MP3 Ringtones


MobilesRingtones is an amazing website where you can download ringtones for free. It holds over thousands of free digital recordings, Old Time Radio ringtones, books and poetry readings, original ringtones uploaded by users, Grateful Dead concerts and many more. In which many MP3 and audio files are free to download.

In this website you will also get sub-collection of different items related to Ringtones Books and Poetry, Community ringtones, Computers and Technology, Live Music Archive, Music & Arts, Netlabels, News and Public Affairs, Non English Audio, Podcasts, Radio Programs and Spirituality and Religion.


Coolringtones is an awesome website to download ringtones, albums and music for free. This website holds about 135800 ringtones.

This website encloses charts which hold 20 new ringtones related to different country like Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech, Denmark, Europe, Finland, France, German, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden, many more courtiers and 20 world top ringtones. The website also takes in new albums, ringtones Archive and many more.


Mp3ringtones is a superb website to download ringtones, music songs ringtones, albums and audios for free. This website has ringtones chart which holds UK Top 40 Singles, MTV Euro Top 20, MTV US Top 20, Billboard Top 50 and Much ringtones Countdown.

You can find collection of different ringtones created by world top singers like Akon, Michael Jackson, Pussycat Dolls, Beyonce, Shakira, Atif Aslam, Linkin Park, Justin, Zamob, Taylor Swift, Kailash Kher, and many more. You can also collect ringtones like my heart will go on, hot, remix and songs ringtones from all around the world. Here you can also find the latest search on the website.


Fuuny ringtones is an awesome website to download mp3 funny ringtones for free. The website holds link to Free funny Music, Chromium books, Free funny ringtones Albums, World ringtone Music Zone, New Hip Hop Songs ringtones, Download Free Movies ringtones, Latest in music ringtones, Bollyhood songs ringtones and many more. This website holds the latest released songs ringtones with date and title on the home page.


download-ringtones is a unique website to download songs ringtones for free where visitors edit the site contents. Many times we find such ringtones in which we get interested very much. We even try to find these ringtones files on web and add them to database. They replace all broken links with new ones. With this technique they guarantees fresh ringtones  all the time.

This website holds newest and the best music ringtones hits. Due to which the fans from all around the world like to visit this site. For more information visit this website.


Apple-ringtones is another amazing website where you can download all kinds of ringtones for free and iphone and apple ringtones. On this website you will find 200s of latest search like Nada ringtone popular, download English songs ringtones, Inna India, and many more to know about these visit the website.

It also contains top searches like apple ringtones. Best ringtones ever one direction ringtones, Pink just give me a reason ringtones , Justin timberlake mirror ringtone, Five minutes ringtone, get lucky ringtone, Just give me a reason pink ringtone, Safe and sound capital cities ringtone, and more. You can find here all kinds of  songs ringtones and artist ringtones.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on the top 6 ringtones websites to download ringtones.

Top 10 ringtones

There are billions of ringtones already created and produced by different people and companies from the past so many years and this process will continue for so many coming years. The ringtones world has given so much marketing edge to newly emerge companies. Ringtones are usually used as a promotion for different mobile phones. This trend now is not just limited to phones with time music songs and different movies theme,cartoons and games background music is also used as free marketing tool. To promote their product.

Ringtones business has so far been very successful and its legal.  A lot of new ringtone makers have made their way into the market by creating few exciting ringtones. The only platform that allow legal downloading for ringtones is Below we have posted the top ringtones  and the most downloaded. This collection contains ringtones from different categories. Some are from the popular mobile brands and the rest are from different movies and songs from all over the world. Ringtones are always very special because they show your taste and personality. When a ringtone is played out of your phone, people starts to judge you from your ringtone.

#1 Beat It - Guitar - Michael jackson

This ringtones is indeed very special because of the big rock star name that is attach to it. This ringtone is one of Michael jacksons song, BEAT IT. Its music went very popular when it was released however after so many years this songs music ringtone made it to this month top 10 list.

By Ebbad Ashraf

in Uncategorized , Rock Ringtones

#2 I Can Love You Like That

An other very beautiful ringtone by desire Edwards. This ringtone is a commercial tone remixed and recreated by many different artists however this ringtone is special because of the tune.

By Desiree Edwards

in Uncategorized , Alternative Ringtones

#3 Best Iphonic

Iphone ringtones has been very popular in all mobile phones. People so far has enjoyed setting iphone ringtones in their android phones and this is the reason so many remixed of iphone default ringtone is being created. Yet all have been downloaded a lot of time.

By Muhammad Hashim

in Uncategorized , World Ringtones

#4 How We Party

This music ringtone is from a very popular dance track HOW WE PARTY. its basically a party song. A song which is usually played at night clubs at late weekend parties. However its ringtone went very popular this month and made it to top 4.

By Muhammad Hashim

in Uncategorized , Rock Ringtones

#5 Want U Back

Want you back is another very popular song of the year 2016. Its being lead by female musician in the original version. Although this ringtone is also from a female play back. The song and ringtone both went very popular all over the world.

By Muhammad Hashim

in Uncategorized , R&B/Soul Ringtones

#6 Just Cant Get Enough

A music video that made a lot of news on YouTube.  This song is actually named is I JUST CANT GET ENOUGH. The song went popular earlier this year and thus the ringtone also came in the same month. Though people were more interested in the music video so the audience for ringtone was less but this month this songs ringtone went viral and made it to number 6.

By Muhammad Hashim

in Uncategorized , Reggae Ringtones

#7 Free To Be Me

One of the most sweet music you will ever come across. This ringtone got so many likes in almost every ringtone platform. Although this ringtone is special because it being cut and remixed again. FREE TO BE ME is also one old hollywood movie. But this song ringtone is different and was released in the previous year.

By Muhammad Hashim

in Uncategorized , Reggae Ringtones

#8 Taurus Riley Shes Royal for Htc

HTC mobile phones have never made it. In the top most mobile phone brands. Their ringtones are heard and downloaded from various sources. This ringtone is not originally created by HTC. This ringtone is being dedicated to them because of its poor quality. Can you believe this.

By Muhammad Hashim

in Uncategorized , Dance Ringtones

#9 One More Night for Samsung

Samsung has been in news after the fail launch of note 7. However people are still following their favorite mobile company ringtones. Samsung went popular in ringtones with their s7 and s6 model. However this ringtone is from a samsung tv commercial. Its been used as a background music.

By Muhammad Hashim

in Uncategorized , Dance Ringtones

#10 Godfather Guitar

Who needs an introduction to this golden movie GodFather. This ringtone is a theme of the original music from the movie and its been done up in guitar. This classic ringtone is ranked the top #1 ringtone for the year 2012 and 2013. And in year 2016 this ringtone is ranked as the top 10th ringtone.

By Ebbad Ashraf

in Uncategorized , Classical Ringtones

These our top rated and most downloaded top 10 ringtones. We hope you have enjoyed our collection for more ringtones visit our main website. Or request for a ringtone and we will make sure you get your desired ringtone.

Top 5 ringtones of the week.

Every week there is huge amount of ringtones created. It becomes kinda difficult to pull out the top 5 ringtones for the week. We did some research and found the best 5 of this week. We hope you will like the below most popular 5 ringtones.



We hope you have enjoyed our top 5 ringtones of the week. If there is any other ringtone you wish to download please visit our main website. Or contact us and we will get back to you with your request.